The Global Center for Health Security (GCHS), at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), has set up an ethics advisory committee comprised of national and international experts in public health emergency ethics.

DISCLAIMER: The Ethics Advisory Committee is not intended to function as a hospital or facility ethics committee, but rather as an independent, external consultative body. Responses given by the Ethics Advisory Committee should not replace institutional guidance. The responses provided by the Ethics Advisory Committee are provided for informational purposes only. While there are attorneys on the Committee, responses do not constitute legal advice and should not be acted on as such.

When submitting a request to the Committee, please do not use names or other identifiable information in describing your ethics question or challenge. Your request will be shared with the members of the Committee for discussion and consultation purposes. The Committee will maintain confidentiality of all requests, but to ensure your own HIPAA best practices, please avoid the use of any personally identifying information to describe the ethical question you are facing. The committee may use information that you provide and resulting deliberations in public discourse, guidance, and case descriptions.

To submit a request for review by the GCHS Ethics Advisory Committee, please fill out the form below.

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