The Clinical Research Spotlight Award was developed to recognize individuals and teams for the outstanding work they contribute to making clinical research successful across UNMC and our clinical partners, Nebraska Medicine & Children's Nebraska.

Nomination Process: Fill out this form with details about the individual you are nominating (page 1), the award you're nominating them for and the reasons why (page 2), and contact information for yourself (page 3). You will have the option to remain anonymous or have your name shared with the nominee if they are awarded.

Eligibility: Current employees in any position that supports clinical research functions, such as a Research nurse coordinator, research non-nurse coordinator, research assistant, data coordinator, project coordinator, regulatory coordinator, clinical trials analyst, research biller, Epic research support, IRB analyst, SPA specialist, etc.

For more information, visit the award webpage or email LuAnn Larson and Serena Gaines.

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